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C# ReviseInventoryStatus sample for AU

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ReviseInventoryStatus is an efficient light-weight call that we recommend sellers use when they want to revise price and/or quantity of their fixed-price listing. The call allows you to revise these parameters for 4 items in a single request.

When revising the quantity, specify the quantity that is currently available for sale. If you are out of stock for the item then you should end the item. However there is a slight difference for multi-variation items.

ReviseInventoryStatus can be used to take the available quantity down to zero for a given variation in a multi-variation listing (by reference to a specific SKU). If the particular variation has had sales then the variation will show as ‘Out of Stock’ on the eBay View Item Page. If the variation has not had any sales then it will be removed from the listing with a warning. That variation will no longer be visible on the eBay VI page.

Caution: If only one variation has stock left you cannot use ReviseInventoryStatus to reduce the available quantity to zero. In this situation, you must invoke the EndFixedPriceItem call, which will end the entire multi-variation listing.

Here is a C# ReviseInventoryStatus sample. This sample has been written using the .NET SDK