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Java SDK Trading API samples For US

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Here is a list of KB articles that you can refer when developing a Trading API application for US merchants. All the samples have been written using the Java SDK v705.


 1. Basic listing sample
 2. Listing with Item Specifics
 3. Listing multi-variation items
 4. Listing using product identifier
 5. Listing using ePID
 6. Revising Listing – price and/or quantity
 7. Revising Listing – Basic
 8. Revising Listing – Item’s specifics
 9. Revising Listing – Remove Subtitle
 10. Revising multi-variation item (Add and remove variations)
 11. End Listing
 12. Relisting Item – Basic
 13. Relisting item – Delete SubTitle and update Title
14. Relisting item (Adding and Deleting Variation)


 1. Retrieving Sales Orders
 2. Providing Shipment Information